The Decision Support Tool for museum professionals

Who can use AGATO?

The ArtGarden Decision Support Tool is intended for any museum professional or cultural heritage caretaker. It is available for free and accessible to all persons responsible for the preservation of an object (or a collection) and in charge of taking preservation decisions or all persons legitimately requested to support the preservation decisions.

Whether the user is a preventive conservation advisor taking care of a storage, a curator organizing the loan of an object, a museum technician assisting with the installation of an object in an exhibition, a conservator examining a mixed media object or any other museum professional confronted to a mixed-media object, the tool is there for him/her * to use. Even if your object consists of one single material, AGATO provides single material assessments.

* Preventive conservation advisor; curator; collections manager; conservator (-restorer); collection owner; museum technician; museum volunteer; cultural heritage scientist; collection storage manager; art handler; preparator; exhibition designer; mount maker; registrar; …