The Decision Support Tool for museum professionals

Editing your assessment & saving the results

The user will be asked to create an account and log in. When going through an assessment of an object, he/she can upload a photo (not mandatory) as visual aid supporting the input steps: identify the materials in the object, indicate their occurrence and condition and fill in 17 yes/no questions regarding the environmental conditions of the object. It is also possible to upload detailed photos, which extends a bit the time of your assessment.

You do not need to finish the 4 AGATO input steps all at once. If you exit AGATO before completing all the steps, then the next time you log in, your assessment will be accessible for you to continue where you left off. You can change your answers at any time during the assessment until you have completed the assessment and clicked through to the results. You can view the results (output) of a completed assessment but you cannot change the answers. Every object added by the user, will be saved in 'your objects' and will be accessible at all time when you are logged in. This enables you to build up a history of the AGATO assessments that you have completed.

For each step (1-4) of the input you will be asked to review and confirm your choice.