The Decision Support Tool for museum professionals

What is AGATO’s reliability?

AGATO is an online tool that enables the user to assess risks for his/ her historic mixed-media object. While it has been produced by people who understand the process of assessing risks, to provide a secure process for assessing risks and give risk reducing recommendations, the user should not rely only on the results provided. The user needs to check if the results indeed apply to his/her real situation: the user must never lose sight of the object itself. If in doubt, the user should always consult a professional, as we cannot accept responsibility for risks not being identified.

The more precise the user fills out the fields about his/her object and its environment, the better the recommendations should apply to his/her object. The ranking of the risks (& recommendations) will depend entirely on the ranking of the object materials' input, always dictated by the user. The tool will give many recommendations, but will not decide for the user which of the recommendations to actually turn into preventive conservation measures to reduce risks and work towards an improved preservation environment. The user will still have to determine which action to take depending on his/her situation, intention and the resources available.