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What is an Historic mixed material artefact within ArtGarden and AGATO?

AGATO includes the different materials observed on the 16th century Enclosed Gardens of Malines. Within the ArtGarden project these objects were considered as Historic mixed material artefacts.

Historic mixed material artefacts are ensembles of two or more historic materials, forming one object that is not to be disassembled. These artefacts can be (functional) objects like for example a book that is composed of several materials such as paper, ink, leather, thread, and glue or an ensemble of clearly distinguishable parts that are intended as one visual entity like the Enclosed Gardens.

Depending on their materials, mixed-media objects may have characteristics of both organic and inorganic materials. The individual materials in the object will react with the environment in different ways. Also, different materials may react in opposition to each other, setting up physical stress and causing chemical interactions that cause deterioration.

Even though AGATO is initially designed to assess historic mixed media artefacts such as Enclosed Gardens, folk art, ethnographical art, religious artefacts, costumes, manuscripts, it may be used for any object containing only one material. If AGATO is used for other types of objects for which it was not directly intended, such as more contemporary objects or outdoor objects, the results may sometimes be less applicable.