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The Decision Support Tool for museum professionals that assists you with the preventive conservation of historic mixed-media objects.

Would you like to know if your historic mixed media object is conserved in a safe way? To which elements in the environment of your object you should pay attention so they would not harm your object? Or on which materials you should keep an eye because they risk degrading?

AGATO will assist you with an overview of risks that could cause damage to your object and with recommendations for the preventive conservation of the materials most susceptible for damage. These should enable you to decide which action to take.

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The workflow

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Phase 1
User input

Define the materials in your object, their condition and how they occur. Next, indicate environmental hazards. In the four steps of phase 1, this tool will guide you in the description of your historic media object and its immediate environment.

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Phase 2

Processing by the knowledge database with information from three main sources: field research, technical and scientific literature (on material degradation, material interactions, and risk assessment in preventive conservation), and laboratory experiments.

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Phase 3
AGATO Output

The output consists of a series of standardized warnings with references and recommendations for risk reduction.

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Assess the risks for historic mixed material artefacts and get recommendations for the daily preventive conservation decisions for the object.